The EXPLORER is our legendary Paramotor frame, with a long and successful trajectory in the market. Airfer EXPLORER frame has gone through a very possitive evolution proccess since its conception.

Our large experience in paramotor flying and construction as well as great attention and compromise with high quality have allowed us to reach first-class frames. Starting from a resistant, light and simple frame as the Explorer, we have honed more and more every one of these basic features during all these years, both in its design and production details process.

The New EXPLORER3 model is the latest version of our famous Explorer frame, one more option in our Paramotors series range, this model does not replace the EXPLORER2 but is added as a novelty, with some differences and qualities in design that you can see below.
Both versions EXPLORER2 and EXPLORER3 are light models of robust construction.  We have pursuit the highest resistance designs in the minimum weight in both models, paying great attention to quality and finish details… Every one of the Explorer models is a strong compact unit with low weight, good aerodynamic, highly functional in everyday use.
Both versions are suitable for a wide range of engines models, in very different cylinder capacity.

Need a trike attachment for your Paramotor

Need a trike attachment for your Paramotor